Own the Porch.

Freedom, confidence, and peace of mind that your deliveries are protected and safe — on your terms.


Peace of Mind & Safe Deliveries


Smart Home and App-Ready

Freedom to Leave Home

Safe and Sound - As it Should Be


The porch is now the most valuable part of your home. We know how frustrating it is to have deliveries missed, spoiled, and stolen. It’s a true violation of a place that should be your
safe haven for your family and valuables.

The good news? You can reclaim your peace of mind and free yourself from delivery windows with DynoSafe, a climate- controlled lockbox that secures to your home and makes sure all of your deliveries will get safely into the right hands — yours.

Our Mission

We protect precious items, both sent and received, from vulnerabilities like the elements, theft, and tampering. Consumers can be independent, and the reduction in traffic congestion, fuel use, CO2 emissions, packaging, and food waste protects the environment and ultimately improves resource sustainability.


Meet the Team


Rebecca Romanucci

Founder and CEO

Rebecca is Founder and CEO of DynoSafe. She holds multiple patents for the DynoSafe family of products, including complete AI interaction with robotic/electric delivery devices, vehicles, and drones.

Prior to DynoSafe, Rebecca was Founder, Owner, and CEO of a medical business, during which time she scaled to multiple locations and expanded the medical professional staff. She has received numerous accolades and awards for her leadership and is nationally recognized as an expert medical business entrepreneur. Rebecca is a sought-after public speaker, educator, and consultant and is a compassionate philanthropist.

As a Registered Nurse, Rebecca has worked in a variety of acute health care settings, including serving for days at a time during hurricanes and other natural disasters.

Rebecca is an advocate for Veterans and their families. She invented DynoSafe as a solution for independence for those suffering from PTSD and other disabilities that make going to the grocery store or pharmacy difficult or impossible.

DynoSafe also provides contactless delivery protection from organisms that cause illness, such as the Coronavirus, and makes a significant impact on reducing fuel use, CO2 emissions, and traffic congestion, improving resource sustainability.

Eric Romanucci

Eric is a board-certified colorectal surgeon and is also a Colonel in the US Army Reserve. He has served 6 combat deployments over his 27-year military career and was awarded the Bronze Star Medal for his wartime service. Eric has commanded a Forward Surgical Team in Afghanistan and held 2 battalion commands in the USAR. He is committed to providing the best medical care to all veterans and is proud to be a part of the US military.


Stephanie Sims

With over $5B of investment banking transactions in the US & Europe, as well as a decade in a high-tech startup that was acquired by a publicly-traded company, Stephanie uses her experience as an investor and entrepreneur to serve early-stage companies.


Philippe Vaney

Philippe Vaney brings 30+ years of experience growing revenue and profit at Fortune 100, public and private small-medium size businesses, and venture-backed startup companies engaged in global manufacturing, product development, and service/support by structuring complex development and implementation programs for speed and success.

Scott DeGraeve

Strategist and e-grocery industry expert for DynoSafe, Scott possesses more than 20 years of experience in the online grocery industry where he's regarded as a thought leader in the development of this channel. He is currently co-founder and COO of Locai Solutions and previous experience includes executive positions at Door to Door Organics and PeaPod.

Protecting Deliveries

and Doing Good.

Secure and store food and medication


Store food and medication at the right temperature, ensuring they are safe for consumption and use.

Providing Independence to Veterans and Those with Mobility Challenges


Enable all people the opportunity for independence and self-reliance and protect immunocompromised people from organisms that can cause illness or death.

Reduce Loss Claims


Reduce and eliminate stolen or damaged items. Retailers, couriers, and customers receive date, time, and temperature confirmation at the time of delivery.

Reduce Fuel Consumption and Traffic Congestion


Deliveries can be made on straight line logistics during low-traffic times. This significantly reduces driving, idle, and per-stop time, fuel use, and CO2 emissions, thus improving air quality and quality of life.

Protecting the Environment


Reduce and eliminate excessive packaging materials, gel packs, and food waste, improving resource sustainability.


No direct exposure to delivery people. No need for tour children to open the door to strangers. Be protected from organisms that can cause illness, such as the CoronaVirus.